In today’s UK home improvement market there are 2 types of casement window designs available to the homeowner, flush and stormproof. But whilst each of these window systems follow a uPVC structured design, what are the main differences?

Firstly lets have a look at the history behind each design. Early examples of casement windows were first introduced into the UK market in the 16th and 17th centuries whereby wooden versions were the main option for windows in most homes before sash windows took over during the late 17th century.

Casement windows again became prominent in homes across the country half way through the 18th century. Here the construction was very different to the windows we see today as the windows consisted of six panes of glass joined together by glazing bars and a solid timber frame.

As time and technology moved on, the number of panes required for casement windows from 6 panes to 2 which is the design makeup of the windows (both flush sash and stormproof) that we know today.

The introduction of the full storm proof design then came about during the 1950’s when a lop was introduced around the full width of the windows pane to stop the window sitting flush to the frame and provide extra protection against the elements, hence the name ‘stormproof’.

Whilst it’s clear to see that there are major differences in the aesthetics of each window type with stormproof windows protruding and flush windows siting flush within the frame itself, with change sin production methods there is now very little difference (if any) in the overall window performance.

Flush Sash Casement Windows NorthamptonBoth offer amazing protection and help to retain warmth whilst excluding noise and moisture. However, whilst both provide a very adequate solution for the modern family home, flash sash windows now offer a very modern and more stylish solution for the home.

Whilst many homeowners may feel that a flush fitting solution may cost a lot more money, because of advances in build times and window designs (as well as sourcing the best suppliers), Martindale Windows can provide flush sash windows at a very similar cost to the average stormproof alternative. 

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