Although Conservatories have become a mainstay addition to homes across the country because of the wealth of untapped space that they can add to any house, up until now this bright and airy room has often fallen victim to the drastic changes in temperature that we experience throughout the year.

Historically homeowners would often find that their conservatories became unbearably hot throughout the Summer, and then icy cool when the Winter started to set in – as it is beginning to now!

But whilst there are ways to ensure your conservatory does not suffer from these issues, up until now there has never been a failsafe way to keep a consistent temperature throughout the year. That was until the introduction of Martindale’s unique range of Warm Roof Conservatories.

Designed to perfectly insulate the conservatory and make it a comfortable environment all year round, our warm roof system will replace your existing roof with a high performance, thermally efficient roof that will convert your room and guarantees a constant temperature across the seasons.

Constructed in partnership with the team at Guardian warm roofs, the market leader, we can guarantee that your fit-out will be completed to the highest standards and specification. This can be developed around the precise dimensions of your current conservatory design to make sure that your new room is as beautiful to look at as it is to be in.

Alternatively, if the exterior aesthetics of your conservatory have become a little bit dated, we can construct your new warm roof around a fresh exterior with the same dimensions as the existing space you’re living in. Once finished your warm roof conservatory will bring a number of benefits to your home, including the following:

  • Fully LABC and LABSS approved
  • Achieves an incredible thermal U-Value of 0.18W/m2K
  • Visually spectacular conservatory with sleek trims and cappings.
  • Contributes to improved SAP calculations
  • Comes in an extensive range of conservatory roof tile finishes and colours
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and styles Perfect for any size and type of conservatory including: Edwardian, Victorian, P-Shape and Lean-To Conservatories
  • Perfect for new-build or replacement conservatory roofs
  • A patented, guaranteed product
  • Conservatory roof Pitches as low as 15 degrees

To find out more about this exciting system or to receive a FREE no-obligation quotation for how you can transform your conservatory, please phone us on 01604 845 264 or email