While to the untrained eye a window amounts to little more than a practical viewpoint of what lies beyond it, it is pertinent to know that it is actually good frame design that makes a good window. That is where aluminium excels – as well as the benefits that come with other framing materials, aluminium windows are growing in popularity as a durable and attractive material choice. 

There are a variety of styles to enhance your tastes and home. When planning your project with us, you will be able to choose the styles and configuration best suited to your needs. While a bit pricier than uPVC, aluminium undoubtedly lasts longer. With a lifespan of decades rather than years, aluminium windows are an easy method of long term investment that ultimately adds value to your home. Costs will vary by size and type of windows, and our expert team will of course assist you in finding the best fit to your home. 

Aluminium Windows NorthamptonIf your property is blessed with surroundings of stunning scenery, rest assured that aluminium is more than strong enough to support large panes of glass that allow you and any guests the opportunity to take in those breathtaking views through fixed panoramic windows. Minimal framework allows the view to take centre stage rather than the hardware, and this is possible whatever style of window you choose.

In addition, you will not only be able to enjoy the sights that are outside, but also protect what is inside. By opting for aluminium, your windows will be resistant to the elements wherever you are situated, be it the urban smog of the city to sweeping, windy vistas in the wilderness. When they’ve been battered by dust or rain – and everything in between – simply wipe them down with a cloth to maintain their original beauty. 

Furthermore, the make-up of aluminium windows contributes to more than just scenery and aesthetics. Practically speaking, this isn’t the easily-crushed drink can material that many associate aluminium with: our sturdy material is hardy enough to noticeably enhance your home security.

Aluminium Windows NorthamptonAnd for the climate-conscious, it can also notably lower your environmental impact. Your home’s insulation will improve, reducing energy use and the accompanying costs. Heating and cooling your home to consistently comfortable temperatures will be easier and cheaper. As an added benefit, your aluminium windows are able to be recycled at the end of their long life, which reduces their carbon footprint.

Proper installation is naturally important for obtaining utmost quality and longevity. This is why our trained and seasoned craftsmen handle each project with care and attention to detail. Such an approach guarantees that when you make the wise choice to invest in our aluminium windows, you not only receive the outcome you expect, but also the outcome you deserve.

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