It happens every 106 seconds; someone utterly unremarkable casually strolls the street, watching. They’re looking for vulnerabilities and a payday, and roughly 2 out of 100 homes give them exactly what they want.

Burglaries are traumatic and damaging to our livelihoods and mental health. While we never expect it to happen to us, prevention is worth more than response. Protecting your home from break-ins involves a few simple considerations, and you’ll be happy to hear most can easily be managed in a weekend.

Doors, windows, garages, sheds, and any other building should be closed and locked. Unlike the suave characters you’ll see in popular fiction, most burglars don’t actually carry any equipment. Rather than wasting precious minutes picking the lock to your front door, they are opportunists likely to exploit any obvious weaknesses such as open windows or doors, old and potentially faulty locks, or garden tools left lying around.

The most basic, effective strategy for protecting your home from intruders is to avoid being a target. Keep in mind the risk/benefit balance; you want a potential break-in to be more trouble than it’s worth for them. Keep valuables out of sight, indoors and away from the windows. Data is more valuable than gold, so store important documents and electronics under lock and key, and secure your WiFi. Investing in a fireproof lockbox for your personal identity documents such as passports and bank cards is always a good idea to prevent losing everything to fire or theft, as well as backing up important data on your devices.

Eliminate possible hiding places with adequate security lighting and tidy outdoor spaces, keeping in mind that most burglaries happen during the day while most people are at work. Since most burglaries are impulsive, a perceived increase in risk may be enough to deter the criminally-minded from an attempted break-in and be on their way.

In the event that becoming a target for a robbery is increasingly likely, you’ll want to have invested in quality equipment and routine maintenance. Consider smart lock technology that allows you to check the status of locked doors while away from home. Updating your home with the latest window and door bolt security measures will also prepare an invaluable defence. Remember, your home doesn’t need to be impenetrable, but it needs to take longer to gain entry than it does to get caught.

Triple glazing is, inevitably, more secure than single or double-glazed windows. The reinforced glass stands up against stronger force, resisting breakage and giving you peace of mind. For an added layer of protection, laminated glass entirely defies shattering. The lamination functions in such a way that the broken pane of glass remains intact, shattering without falling apart to create an opening for intruders.

Crime requires creativity. Methods of bypassing security measures adapt with every advancement in security technology. Therefore it is imperative to fit your doors and windows with up-to-date bolt security. Adequate locks made from appropriate materials are an investment everyone should make in their home. The quality and condition alone will be obvious to passers-by and convince potential intruders your valuables aren’t worth the risk; and they’d be absolutely right.

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