For over 30 years, the Martindale Windows team have been delivering exceptional home improvements for customers throughout the Northamptonshire and beyond. From simple window installations to the building of bespoke developments, we’ve helped a wealth of different customers to realise the full potential of their homes.

But whilst a lot of our work involves window and door fitouts, when it comes to delivering conservatories that offer something truly unique, Martindale are the regions number one provider.

One particular conservatory that we regularly get requests for is the unique Gable-End Conservatory. This traditional yet wonderfully elegant conservatory offers the perfect alternative to a custom extension, whilst providing an open and airy room that can be enjoyed all year round.

It was this particular conservatory type that we recently fitted out for a local Northamptonshire homeowner who wanted to expand his property without the need for expensive planning permission or additional building works.

For this particular installation we started by building the base of the conservatory around a 2ft dwarf wall that the structure of the conservatory would sit upon. From here we then used the latest Stern Fenster approved conservatory windows, doors and gable end conservatory roof to give the structure a secure and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

To complete the fit-out we then added a seamless run of guttering around the top and sides of the conservatory, as well as finishing the base with a series of dark metal covered run-off channels to prevent flooding in the event of heavy rainfall.

Once finished and designed from an interior perspective, the finished gable end conservatory provided the ideal room to entertain in and enjoy much needed family time together.

For more information on our gable end conservatory range or any of the other conservatories within our range, please visit our conservatories page or call us on 01604 845264.