Aluminium Windows NorthamptonSince originally becoming established over 20 years ago, we’ve developed a unique reputation throughout the Northamptonshire region for delivering completely bespoke home improvement solutions. From fitting the latest doors of differing shapes, sizes and colours to crafting windows for spaces where solutions wouldn’t normally be possible, we’ve worked with a wide variety of different clients to help transform their properties. 

It’s this skillset for creating the impossible that led us to providing a truly original fit-out for a local customer who wanted to re-fit the windows and doors within their property. Living in a quiet Northamptonshire village with a traditional looking property, this particular customer wanted to fit sleek and elegant glazing that would work in with the cosy aesthetics of their quaint cottage. 

Bespoke Aluminium Windows NorthamptonWith this in mind, Martindale Windows an Developments sourced a modern range of flush finish aluminium windows, coloured in natural light brown to work in with the exterior of the property. 

Whilst the majority of the windows we provided were a standard fit product, this particular customer had a tricky half moon window set within the roof of the property that she’d struggled to find a window for. To assist with this problem, our expert design team took a number of drawings (both externally and internally) over a series of visits before working hand in hand with our nationwide window suppliers to create a window that fitted in perfectly to the required space. 

Once all Aluminium windows had been fitted, we then provided a selection of composite and uPVC doors at the front and rear of of the property in the same colour scheme as the windows. This included a composite door to the front and rear of the property (each fitted with a different glazing configuration) and two sets of rear patio doors. 

Composite & uPVC Doors Northamptonfinished installation was one that dramatically improved the aesthetics of the property, developing a modern look that was fresh and original but still in-keeping with the local surroundings.

If you’re looking to fit new windows and doors for a tricky space within your home and are struggling to find a solution, please contact us on 01604 845264or email and our team we’ll take care of the rest.

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