The UK’s premier manufacturer of luxury aluminium doors and windows, Origin, has unveiled its latest innovation: the Contemporary External Door (OB-36+). This state-of-the-art door system is poised to transform new build properties in Northamptonshire with its sleek design and advanced features, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and superior performance.

Sleek Design and Ultra-Slim Sightlines

The Origin Contemporary OB-36+ bi-folding door, alongside its French and single-door variants, boasts an impressively sleek silhouette. With ultra-slim sightlines of just 36mm, this door system allows for expansive views and abundant natural light, making it a perfect addition to modern homes in Northamptonshire. The slim profile not only enhances the visual appeal of the property but also maximizes the amount of sunlight that can penetrate through, creating bright and inviting interior spaces.

Future Homes Standard 2025 Compliance

One of the standout features of the OB-36+ is its compliance with the Future Homes Standard 2025, a year ahead of the regulatory requirement. This forward-thinking design ensures that housebuilders in Northamptonshire can stay ahead of the curve by incorporating products that meet the stringent energy efficiency standards set for the future. With U-Values as low as 0.8 W/m2K, the OB-36+ is engineered to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, significantly reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Handcrafted Quality and Customization

Each Origin Contemporary External Door is meticulously handcrafted to exact specifications, offering a bespoke solution tailored to the unique requirements of each home. The doors can be customized in terms of configuration, colour, and hardware to perfectly complement the overall aesthetic of the property. Whether it’s a vibrant, modern colour or a more traditional, understated hue, Origin provides a wide range of options to match any design preference.

Superior Materials and Engineering

Made from the highest-grade aluminium, the OB-36+ is designed to support large expanses of glass effortlessly. This not only enhances the structural integrity of the door but also allows for greater transparency and connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The use of sophisticated weathertight seals ensures that the elements are kept at bay, providing excellent insulation and weather resistance. Homeowners in Northamptonshire can enjoy the beauty of their gardens and outdoor spaces while staying protected from the harshest weather conditions.

Unparalleled Security Features

Safety and security are paramount for homeowners, and the OB-36+ excels in this area. Equipped with a robust 8-point locking system and a 3-star British Standard Kitemark locking barrel, this door offers exceptional protection against forced entry, including picking, bumping, and drilling. The inclusion of finger-safe gaskets adds an extra layer of safety, particularly for families with young children. This makes the OB-36+ one of the safest doors available on the market today.

Enhancing Northamptonshire Homes

Northamptonshire, known for its picturesque countryside and historic architecture, is seeing a surge in modern housing developments. The OB-36+ is an ideal addition to these new builds, offering a blend of contemporary design and traditional reliability. By choosing Origin’s new external door, homeowners and builders in Northamptonshire can enhance the value, security, and energy efficiency of their properties.


The Origin OB-36+ Contemporary External Door sets a new standard in the home improvement market. With its sleek design, advanced engineering, and customizable options, the OB-36+ is more than just a door; it’s a statement of innovation and elegance. For homeowners looking to upgrade their entrances, the OB-36+ offers an unparalleled combination of beauty, performance, and security, ensuring that their homes are future-proofed and ready to meet the demands of modern living.

By choosing Origin’s latest offering, homeowners in Northamptonshire can rest assured that they are investing in a product that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. The OB-36+ is a testament to Origin’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making it the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their homes with the best in contemporary door design.