If there is anything we all want to keep safe and secure, there is arguably nothing more important than our families and our homes. A good security system is built of many multi-faceted layers, but the one we are going to focus on here is sturdy, durable windows. 

A high-quality window will protect your home by being difficult to break through, effectively insulating, and shattering gracefully when it is broken. We recommend windows with triple glazing and laminated glass, as we feel they embody all those important features well and can be fitted attractively and practically into the home. 

If you’re familiar with the windshields installed in most modern cars, you have probably seen laminated glass in action. You might notice that a shattered windshield doesn’t fall to pieces, but instead tends to hold its shape to prevent loose shards from causing harm and damage where they fall. Similar to how you’d want the glass to perform in a car accident, laminated glass can ensure panes that would otherwise be entirely destroyed hold their form. They do not provide an easily-cleared point of entry to burglars trying to break through, and likewise protect anyone accidentally colliding with the window from the serious harm of falling through glass. 

Granted the inherently excellent structural integrity of laminated glass, triple glazing is difficult and nigh impossible to break to begin with. Fortified with three panes, even a hammer flung at the middle of the window is likely to bounce rather than crack the glass. If damage is done, it will likely only be to the outermost pane of the window, with the other two holding secure behind it. 

While double-glazed windows offer a good amount of security – and significantly more than single glazed – we recommend triple-glazed windows because of their substantial level of protection that single and double cannot compete with. As part of a well-designed home security system, triple-glazed and laminated windows are as close to guaranteed home safety and security as you’re likely to find. 

When installed by experts with high-quality materials, your windows should last for years to come with minimal maintenance and care, and utmost peace of mind. If you have questions, feel free to contact us for a consultation to discuss whether upgrading your windows is the right next step for your home and family.