As we now come in to the Great British Winter, it’s that time of year when the temperatures start to drop, frosts start to set in and snow flurries begin to fall. Whilst many of us enjoy the wonderful Wintery scenes and Christmas festivities that this time of year provides, it’s important that these cold spells are kept outside don’t penetrate into the home.

Window Insulation Northampton

Whilst there are many ways to achieve this such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and state-of-the-art central heating, one of the most important things to consider when insulating your home is the windows and doors that you have installed.

Whilst many homes now have modern double-glazed windows and doors that help to block out the drafts that single-glazed units used to create, with advances in technology the differences between the insulation that double-glazed units from 10 years ago created compared to those of today are extremely vast.

As stockists of the finest Windows and Doors in Northampton by expert manufacturer Stern Fenster, we can ensure that your home is kept warm, cosy and draft free throughout the Winter. In addition to this, our improvements will help to decrease your homes energy usage.

With WER (Window Energy Rating) of A+ as standard, each of our glazed units are impervious to the elements and ensure your home is kept wonderfully warm. Clever design features such as double weather seals, low sightline gaskets and super space bars result in incredible energy efficiency. Within our windows we also offer the option to include triple glazing if you live in a particularly open environment.

Energy Efficiency Northampton

To improve your insulation further, we also use the latest Illbruck Insulation Tapewith every Window Installation that we fit rather than using traditional silicone. illbruck i3 provides a state-of-the-art universal sealing system for the perimeter sealing of windows, that seals the weather out to keep your home wonderfully warm and energy efficient.

Like our windows, all of our doors are rated A+ as standard and come with a number of important insulation features. From top and bottom draft protectors to double weather seals and insulated glass, we will make sure that the doors of your home protect the whole of your house from the outdoors and even give your home a fantastic acoustic barrier.

If you’re looking to add some additional insulation to your home this year and want to discover more about how you can get the perfect windows and doors for your home, contact one of our home improvement experts on 01604 845264.