Coronavirus RainbowsWhilst the UK faces very turbulent times and large amounts of uncertainty because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are pockets of hope being created because of a particularly beautiful campaign.

Aimed at giving children and adults a sense of enjoyment as families go on their daily walk, cycle or run, homeowners across the UK are embracing their window space and putting up a collection of stunning rainbows that have been created by the little ones in their lives. 

Rainbows large and small, standard and imaginative are gracing windows across the country, spreading a sense of joy and letting those that are passing by that we are all thinking of them. 

In addition to this, towns and villages across the country are also embracing their love for all things bear like by creating their very own bear hunts.

Coronavirus Bear HuntFrom placing single teddies in the window through to a setting up a family full of window-sill friends, children across the country are embracing the famous Bear Hunt story to create a fun game for families who are going about their daily walk. 

Whilst we have hard times ahead to defeat Coronavirus, it’s ideas like this and the joy that filling your windows will bring that will help us to get through it, so get creating!!

During your walk, please remember Social Distancing and Stay Safe.