We all know that creating that forever home for our family is never an easy task. Whilst it can be extremely rewarding once finished, if you do it yourself then it can take a great deal of time, energy and resources to ensured it’s finished just how you want it.

But whilst some homeowners may have the DIY skills and mindset to take an existing property and transform it into something that you’d expect to see in your favourite home improvement m

Homes demand investment, and the wisest investments you can put into your home are those that increase its value while lessening your workload. While most features will require repair or replacing from time to time, carefully chosen upgrades can extend the lifespan of those features that most impact the house’s resilience and visual characteristics.

Probably the most impactful aesthetic influence, and essentially being the skin protecting your home, cladding works hard to defend your house against water and other weather concerns. Good quality PVCu cladding demands little in the way of maintenance and is a long-lasting alternative to timber cladding, which is prone to rot. Easy installation makes for an effortless solution to problem areas plagued by brickwork in poor condition, and a simple way to dramatically improve the appearance of your home.

When finding the ideal type of cladding, consider factors such as material weight as well as looks. If you are uncertain about what would be the most practical choice of cladding for your house, consider arranging a no-obligation consultation from Martindale Windows, Northampton’s leading cladding expert so you can consider the options that best fill your needs together.

While cladding can change the entire look and feel of your home’s exterior, this adds curb appeal and increases property value. Coordinate your cladding with your roofing and fascia for a cohesive, complimentary style. With shiplap and open-v styles available, you’ll be able to choose materials that will enhance and refresh your home.

PVCu cladding is a relatively cost-effective solution whether you are looking for a complete exterior makeover or simply an update on the style you already love. Stone and tile, while they can be visually attractive, can have a much steeper price without pulling quite as much weight per pound where weather protection and ease of installation and maintenance are concerned.

PVCu is hard wearing and immune to rot and corrosion and requires no painting to maintain its colour. This means costly repairs and replacements are avoided, and the appearance of your house will prove as hardy as the harsh British elements. Cleaning PVCu cladding no more than a couple times a year with a mild soap and water is all that is necessary to keep it looking beautiful and prolong its lifespan.

If you care for your home, it will carry you through unpredictable seasons and weather for years to come. Proper upkeep will always be necessary, so ensure that work goes as easy as possible by choosing durable, attractive solutions to your home design needs.

agazine, there are others that struggle with even the simplest of decorating tasks and would prefer to leave it to the experts to bring their ideas and aspirations to life.

With over 40 years’ experience in helping homeowners to do just that, we can work with you on both the exterior and interior of your property to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of. From the re-fitting of existing windows and doors through to a full extension or exciting new kitchen, we have the skills and expertise to completely renovate your home.

It was this unique approach to home improvement that brought us to a recent project for the Denby family who required a range of solutions for their home to transform both the exterior and interior.

We started by carrying out a number of internal and external improvements to the structure of the property, helping to make way for the integration of an exciting new kitchen and to open up part of the house that required some much-needed organisation.

Once these structural alterations were complete, we then began work on fitting out the new kitchen that the Denby family had decided to install. This took the form of a modern and contemporary handle less kitchen that used a light oak colour scheme, sleek and sharp cabinet lines and detail lighting throughout.

We also integrated a number of high-tech appliances and white goods and implemented a centre island unit to give the family the ideal environment in which they could enjoy much needed family time.

Moving to the outside of the property, we then provided a completely new set of white uPVC French Windows and Doors at the front and rear of the property, replacing existing frames to improve both the aesthetics and security of the house.

Finally, we then provided a stylish and heavy-duty black composite front-door to further improve the style and appeal of the property, continuing to increase the overall security throughout the property.

The end result was a stunning new home that the Denby family could take a great deal of pride in as well as a kitchen that rivalled that within a stunning new showhome.

If you’re looking to create a similar transformation on the interior and exterior of your home, please contact a member of Martindale’s expert team on 01604 845 264or email info@martindalewindows.co.uk.