When maintaining a home in England, you may be well familiar with the challenges the weather can pose to the integrity of your house. Of course, when bits fall into disrepair the overall look and style of your home is tarnished, but there are also deeper, more significant concerns you need to watch out for. 

Features such as fascia, soffits, and guttering are vital in managing the effects of moisture on your house. Specifically, the fascia and soffits on your home finish and seal the roof, protecting from moisture and pests while adding aesthetic value. Damage to either will negatively impact your rafters by weakening the fascia and soffits, reducing their ability to protect your home. When damage is noticed, it is important to have repairs done as soon as possible.

Rot and infestation are liable to spread to other parts of your home’s structure such as the attic, walls, and remaining roof materials. This further damage can be costly to repair; fixing fascia and soffits at the first sign of trouble will ultimately be more affordable than waiting until the damage creates bigger problems. With heavy seasonal rains, sealing against moisture isn’t adequate on its own. Water needs a way of flowing off the roof and away, into a drainage system, where it cannot remain sat putting extra strain on your roof or causing further damage and rot. 

Guttering funnels water away from your home, which helps protect against the negative effects of moisture build up. Oversaturated ground around your home can compromise and weaken foundations and water that seeps through to walls or ceilings can cause damage and discolouration. When water absorbed by the structure freezes, further damage will be caused.

When guttering is not kept in good condition, it can be likely to collapse under seasonal pressures such as snow.  This can easily be prevented by making sure your guttering is cleared when necessary and damaged or weakened parts are tended to once they are noticed. 

The best way to catch signs of damage to guttering, fascia, and soffits is to regularly maintain and inspect them. This is best done at least once a year, such as in Autumn when leaves are most likely to cause gutter blockages and there is time for repairs before the first heavy snows. When you notice that it’s time for repairs or replacements, Martindale is ready to assist you with everything you will need to preserve the beauty and integrity of your home!