Within any home, vertical sliding windows can provide a wealth of different benefits and can give your home wonderful styling. However, whilst sash windowscan look great if perfectly fitted and built around the latest technology, old single glazed timber sliding windows can cause a range of issues once they begin to deteriorate.

It’s because of these issues that we were recently called in by a local Northamptonshire homeowner to complete a full uPVC re-fit of their existing sash windows.

We started this by extracting all of the existing hardwood windows from both the bay and standard sash windows, ensuring that the window openings were well finished, and no sign of the previous windows were left behind.

Once complete, we then prepared each section of the house for the new windows, working into the existing openings where required to make sure that the new windows would fit flush within the aesthetics of the old property.

Our expert installers then set to work in installing the new uPVC vertical sliding windows into place, taking meticulous care in ensure that the windows were perfectly pointed and sealed into place.

For this particular project we used the latest uPVC vertical sliding windows from Stern Fenster. These particular windows have a very modern glazing construction, with all handles, locks and glazing panels constructed around the latest secured by design standards.

Once complete, the end result was a solution that was both in-keeping with the traditional aesthetics of this old sandstone property, whilst giving the homeowner windows that would keep his property both safe and secure.

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