Recently there has been a lot in the news about the changes in planning law for homeowners within England who are looking to add to their properties.

Up until recently, temporary measures were put in place to allow homeowners to build bigger single-storey extensions without the need to apply for planning permission. However, as of the 31stMay 2019, the government has now made these measures permanent, allowing property owners from across England to build extensions of up to 6m on terraced houses, and 8m on semi-detached and detached properties.

Whilst this has almost doubled the allowance on extensions without seeking approval, having these laws come into effect does not mean that previous building regulations should be ignored. 

What process do we now need to follow when constructing an extension?

In essence this really does depend on the size of building that you’re looking to construct.

First of all, you will need to decide with your building contractor and architect whether your property is deemed fit to extend upon. If it is, plans will need to be put together regardless of whether planning permission is required, and these should be submitted to the local building authority prior to work commencing.

For minor building works, your building contractor may be able to simply submit a Building Notice Application up to 48 hours before starting the project.

During the building phase, a surveyor will then need to pay several visits to ensure that all works are being carried out to the required standards. Once complete and the surveyor is satisfied that all building regulations have been met, a completion certificate will be issue you.

Finally, if your extension is over 3m in length you will also need to apply for a build over agreementfrom the local sewerage company prior to completing.

Make life simpler with a Warm Roof Conservatory

Whilst all of these legislations are essential guidelines if your looking to extend your property, you can avoid many of the red tape that comes with extending if you opt for a Warm Roof Conservatory.

Available on either new or existing conservatory constructions, Warm Roof Conservatories add a solid, tiled and insulated roof to any conservatory, taking away the inconsistent temperatures that a conservatory creates and giving you the opportunity to have a more substantial home addition with large planning work.

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